Cinovo Finance - CapitalMarkets

Finance- and portfolio management system

cinovo finance

You are treasurer or asset-/portfolio manager working in an asset management or finance/treasury context and think about re-engineering your business in an economic and efficient way?

Cinovo Finance - CapitalMarkets covers traditional finance- and portfolio management with online- and mobile channels towards sales and clients, front to end processing including portfolio monitoring and re- distribution and funds management support in real time!

We provide Cinovo Finance - CapitalMarkets in specialised versions for own funds as well as specialised portfolios (i.e. gold, precious metals) with all specifics of back office

  • Real time information and reporting online and mobile channels to sales staff and portfolio managers - information channel for clients optionally

  • Portfolio management functions containing portfolio management, portfolio re-distribution and portfolio evaluation using multiple curves

  • Back office functions and risk functions fully integrated real time

  • Front-and back designed processes including official functions like accounting, documentation and regulatory reporting - completely automatized

  • Products covered are: bonds, shares, FX, money markets and commodities products including hedge instruments.

  • Role concept, authentication and safety concept as well as standard processmodels are provided

  • Optionally hosted by Cinovo with our cloud partner Amazon Web Services


Cinovo Finance - PreciousMetals & Notes

Management System for Precious Metals & Notes


You are a trader or investor in precious metals and you're looking for a way to optimize your processes?

Cinovo Finance - PreciousMetals & Notes is a trading and position keeping system for precious metals and notes. It allows you to manage all your processes (front-to-back) around the precious metall business. Starting with interfaces to all your necessary systems, ranging to order transactions - Cinovo PreciousMetals & Notes integrates all functions in one system!



Cloud managemt deployment and configuration


You are digital entrepreneur, a developer or administrator of a small or a large scale enterprise and would like to bring your business and its data to the cloud?

We have an open source data interface which allows you and your enterprise to interface with Amazon Web Services - as easy as any device in your office. We are happy to provide coaching on request so that you can learn better about our cloud management tools!

CloudConductor is OpenSource and can be freely used and developed.

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