Motivation and Vision

Banking and IT - Revolutions can’t wait

New social network and big data IT technology is on the verge of breaking into the banking industry with revolutionary and disruptive power. But honestly, is it really? If you take a look at all components important for banking today, we can observe that especially very fundamental and traditional banking processes like accounts, payments and credit administration remain on the level of the 70s/80s. FinTech startups pick cherries from the banking business model, but rely in crucial processes on this old banking infrastructure.

To make this revolution a real one for banking, we need to change banking core systems and processes at first! Banks need a new solution, which integrates all front and back office, accounting and regulatory activities within the core system - frictionless.

Only banks which are fully integrated and automated front-to-end available 24h real time for all clients equally will actively participate in this revolution.

We envision that the introduction of a new front-to-end core system will result in a wave of new products for using both mobile technologies and social network/big data context. Banking products and services will be much more economic and transparent, new business models will emerge on this basis and the system as a whole will be stabilised.