Automating Processes.

cinovo finance

The Cinovo all-in-one real time complete banking system for the client focused bank of the future.

Cinovo PreciousMetals & Notes

Management system for trading and position keeping of precious metals and notes.

Cloud conductor as a service

Bring your enterprise data to the cloud real time.

Cinovo Products

credit-card Cinovo CapitalMarkets

Management System for trading and positions. Key functions such as portfolio management, portfolio re-distribution and portfolio evaluation are fully integrated.

dev Cinovo CompleteBanking

Complete banking system for all your processes - Front, Middle and Back Office in one system. It covers online- and mobile channels for various client solutions, integrated in a front to end processing chain including accounting, documentary and regulatory services for client transactions.

support Cinovo PreciousMetals & Notes

Management system for trading and position keeping of precious metals and notes. Keep track of all necessary processes around your business with integrated features such as order processing and interfaces to other relevant systems.

mail Cinovo BaseMetals

Manage base metals with Cinovo BaseMetals - individually adapted to your businesses requirements. Due to broad logistic functions, all your national and international activities, such as the distribution of documents or specific contract conditions, can be managed in one system.

globe cPay Payments

Privacy protecting, mobile and online payment system which is easy to use and to integrate with your financial infrastructure.

globe cPay LoyalClients

Integrated payment and client loyalty system that will help you to improve your customer relations.

locked Cinovo Surveyor

Online and mobile client surveys matching your client data. Keep track of your customers needs using Cinovo Surveyor.

locked CloudConductor

Manage your data and software infrastructure in the cloud - without coding. This tool simplifies your management and access to the cloud.

Cinovo @as a service

Some of our Cinovo IT software products run software as a service under Cinovo responsibility! This way you can profit from using a flexibly adaptable, outsourced service, performed by Cinovo in the Cinovo cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services.


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Open Source

Sharing is Caring.

Our Open-Source is part of our company. We benefit very strong from the software other people provide. We provide useful software ourself back to the company. Projects on github